What To Do If Your Furnace Makes Squeaky Noises?

Your Furnace Makes Squeaky Noises? – Is there a mouse caught inside your furnace? If not, why is it producing such unpleasant and annoying squeaking Sounds?

Squeaking noises coming from furnaces can be one of the most annoying sounds, sometimes even likened to nails on a chalkboard. At Aero Heating Cooling in Greater Toronto Area, we understand this frustration and are here to help assess and fix any squeaky noise issues with your furnace. Our services include repair and maintenance for all types of furnaces.

Inspecting the source of the noise from your furnace by examining its roots

To begin with, it’s important to understand the fundamental elements. You likely already know that your house is equipped with a central heating mechanism of some sort. However, for those outside of the HVAC industry, comprehending each components within this system can be challenging. When talking about keeping warm during chilly winter evenings at home, there are three primary constituents: heater/central heating unit itself along with furnace and boiler parts.

Your furnace is a grey, rectangular box with slats, likely located in its own space within your basement. It generates heat for your home and distributes it through the central heating system via ventilation to ensure every room becomes cozy and comfortable.

What are the furnace problems that occur most frequently?

The furnace is making too much noise

Finally, and equally important, your furnace emits strange noises at any time of day. These may consist of rumbling, banging, popping or squeaking sounds – all indications that something is wrong with the system. This could imply mechanical malfunctions as well as reduced airflow issues or clogged burners in need for assessment by a professional technician.

Dirty Filters

If you neglect maintenance, it increases the likelihood of potential issues arising. Dirty air filters in your furnace can reduce airflow and cause your unit to work harder than necessary to circulate air. If dirt and debris accumulate within machinery, such as a limit switch that controls the fan, damages may occur which could lead to even more problems down the line.

The Thermostat is not Working Correctly

Creating a comfortable living environment can be challenging when the thermostat is broken. Malfunctioning thermostats caused by age, faulty wiring or dust build-up may send incorrect signals to your HVAC system resulting in problems such as furnaces dispensing cold air instead of heat.

Flickering or Yellow Pilot Light

Should your pilot light flicker or appear mostly yellow, it indicates excessive airflow in the gas line. This may be caused by either a leak in the gas line or a malfunctioning thermocouple within your furnace. In such cases, seeking immediate assistance from a professional HVAC technician is critical as there’s potential for hazardous situations to arise.

Maintenance Deficiency

Failing to schedule for a regular furnace maintenance or inspections is a common mistake made by many people. Often times, they are not aware of the need for upkeep or simply overlook it amidst their daily routines. Regardless of why routine checks fall behind, neglecting them can result in issues and malfunctions later on.

What steps should you take to identify the cause of your furnace’s squeaking noise?

Squeaking sounds coming from your furnace can be attributed to various causes, with most indicating that a component requires repair or replacement. This may involve fixing a worn-out blower belt, replacing the blower or inducer motor due to wear and tear over time. At other times, misalignment of parts within your furnace could result in rubbing against each other causing an annoying squeak heard by you.

To identify the cause of the noise, start by taking off your furnace cover and examining it closely. However, if you’re not up to this task or simply prefer a professional’s touch, seek out an experienced Furnace technician who can handle it for you. If Toronto is where you reside or happen to be close by at present, don’t hesitate to reach out Aero Heating Cooling Technicians for assistance.

What steps should be taken to fix a home furnace that is producing deafening squeaks?

Get in touch with Aero Heating Cooling and have your furnace repaired!

Worn-out motor bearings are the second reason behind a squeaky furnace. These tiny wheel-shaped parts manage friction during blower motor rotation and usually require replacement due to wear and tear. Should you face any struggles with your HVAC system, feel free to reach out to Aero Heating Cooling’s skilled technicians for professional advice or assistance.

In Toronto, we offer expert HVAC services including furnace repair, installation and maintenance. Trusting a professional is crucial for ensuring the safety of your home.

What To Do If Your Furnace Makes Squeaky Noises

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