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    Licensed & Certified Air Conditioning Repair - Installation in Newmarket

    Air Conditioner Installation Newmarket – In Newmarket, summers can get hot-which is why a functioning air conditioner is important to stay comfortable! Unfortunately, a breakdown can happen on the hottest of the year- leaving your property warm and uncomfortable. When you need to schedule a repair, count on Aero Heating Cooling company for all Air Conditioning repairs and installation solution, we are serving to both residential and commercial clients in Newmarket. We are a reliable and trusted firm with a properly licensed and certified business that can service all your air conditioning needs, whether it is installation, maintenance or repair and much more. Our experienced technicians are trained to understand air conditioning systems throughout in order to properly diagnose and fix any issue that might be occurring. AERO has the most trusted and certified technicians for your furnace, ac repair in Newmarket, ON. Call us for your Fireplace Water Heater, Gas Stove Repair, Furnace service, maintenance in Newmarket.

    Features of Our Air Conditioner Repair Newmarket :

    • Premier tools and technology to repair any air conditioning problem with any type of brand.
    • Regular AC system tune-ups to prevent as many air conditioning problems as possible.
    • 24/7, friendly AC repair services Newmarket so you and your family are comfortable.

    While air conditioner malfunctions are never convenient, Aero Heating Cooling minimizes disruption and stress through outstanding job performance. Call us for cooling system repair with high expectations. We continue 20+ years of experience, innovation, and dedication to superior customer service. There’s no doubt of our capabilities. Our success is proven, and we continue to focus on swift, satisfying, and sustainable solutions to every issue with all makes and models of residential and light commercial air conditioners. We’re here for our friends and neighbours in Newmarket and greater Toronto and the surrounding area 24 hours, championing your best interests.

    Professional AC Service in Nemarket

    At Aero Heating Cooling, our experience makes all the difference. We’ve serviced every make, model, and type of cooling system, and we know what works. There are no surprises and no question of our capabilities. We’ve proven our worth again and again, year after year. Our maintenance strategies are the culmination of 20 years of innovation, determination, and successful outcomes across York Region and GTA area. Your equipment needs seasonal tune-ups in order to continue to work properly. If neglected, wear and tear and dirt build-up will eventually lead to patchy cooling, system failure, and possibly even safety issues. For your continued comfort and good health, schedule a service plan with Aero Heating Cooling. Our courteous staff is standing by to answer your call. We are a family-owned and operated company, keeping your best interests as our focus since 2000. The lasting reliability of your air conditioning equipment is in good hands when you trust Aero Heating.

    Why Choose Us for Air Conditioner Repair Service

    Aero Heating Cooling is a Toronto’s leading heating and cooling experts. We service the City of Richmond Hill, Bradford, Aurora, Woodbridge, Newmarket and other nearby areas. We specialize in older; Toronto homes so do not be afraid to contact us regarding any project, big or small. Air conditioning maintenance is one of our top services, but we also do full (residential) air conditioning installations. Our line-up of great brands such as Lennox Air and Goodman offer the highest quality in the Canadian market. These brands promote maximum home comfort and indoor air quality. The following is a reference for our current and future customers; If you need emergency AC repair, please contact our customer care.

    Gas Fireplace Repair Service in Newmarket

    Aero Heating Cooling and Appliances is here to make sure all Newmarket residents get the best Furnace repair and gas fireplace repair services in Newmarket. At Aero, our technicians are ready to solve any heating, gas fireplace break down a problem. We ensure our services to be professional, quick and reliable. Our team of licensed and trained technicians who specialize in Furnace repair & Gas Fireplace Service and are ready to respond to your fireplace service calls.

    Our trusted professionals try to be available 7 days a week for emergencies to assist you with any heating cooling problem that might come up.

    Furnace Repair Service Newmarket

    At Aero Heating Cooling we offer a broad range of heating and cooling services, as well as furnace repairs in Newmarket. From installing new furnace and heating units, air conditioners, heat pumps and boilers to ductless air conditioners and attic air conditioner units. We install full duct systems and high velocity duct systems. We install air handlers that use hot water to warm air and air handlers that use electric heaters. We install combination boilers and tankless water heaters, indirect water heaters that use hot water from a boiler to heat water for the house. To connect these systems, we install in-floor heating, plumbing, and radiators systems to the boiler. Our team also installs air quality systems, a variety of filters, and a range of humidifiers to suit your home’s needs.

    Highly Recommended Heating and Furnace Repair in Newmarket

    As an outstanding furnace repair company, we can accurately diagnose the root of the issue and quickly get to work making the necessary repairs. We take pride in offering reliable and efficient services. Our skilled and experienced technicians are always up-to-date with the latest news in the industry for you to rely on us for all of your furnace repair needs. One of the essential appliances in your house is the furnace since it keeps you warm and comfortable when you need it the most. However, they will inevitably break down at some point. Heating & cooling emergencies can happen anytime. If you need a 24-hour Furnace repair company, Aero Heating Cooling Toronto today

    Furnace Installation and Furnace Maintenance in New Market

    Your furnace has an average lifespan of over fifteen years. However, it needs regular attention and maintenance, or maybe some repair occasionally for it to last as long as it is supposed to. It is necessary to do all the required maintenance so that your furnace lasts for its entire expected lifespan. Contact Aero Heating Cooling Toronto to get your appointment scheduled. Instead of putting off maintenance on your furnace and waiting for it to develop a problem, be sure to invest in it to ensure it has a long lifespan.

    Residential Furnace Repair in Newmarket

    The furnace is an essential home appliance. Thus, it mustn’t break down in the middle of a bitterly cold spell. It can be challenging for homeowners without any furnace repair experience to diagnose and determine what is causing the furnace to fail. Aero Heating Cooling Toronto professionals have trained eyes to determine what is wrong with your furnace. We give you peace of mind by handling and fixing the problem for you. When you hire us, you get what you pay for, which is less than what it would cost if you end up complicating things by attempting to do the repairs on your own. You also can take full advantage of downtime since that is an excellent time to consult with a furnace contractor in Toronto, Ontario, to have regular maintenance done to ensure that your furnace is in top condition for the upcoming winter season.

    Best Emergency Furnace Service Newmarket

    Having a furnace breakdown during the coldest day of winter can be a nightmare. The sad part is – it always happens at the worst time, especially when it is freezing cold. Then, you look for reliable furnace repair in Toronto for a quick fix. When it comes to heating and cooling, trust the experts. When you need an emergency furnace repair Toronto, rely on Aero Heating. At Aero Heating, we have a fully equipped team of furnace experts. Our team knows how to handle any furnace issue with speed and precision so that you bounce back to your daily routine fleetingly.

    Hot Water Tank And Tankless Hot Water Service in Newmarket

    We are always available for service of any type of hot water Tank and Tankless Hot Water. If there are signs of leakages or you see any water below your water tank call us urgently as you need help to avoid flooding and permanent damage to your house and or neighbours.

    HVAC Service Newmarket

    Our certified and licensed technicians have years of experience providing HVAC services to numerous homeowners throughout Newmarket and surrounding areas, giving you the confidence that the job will be done correctly. Depending on the hvac service and a number of requirements, you may be required to acquire a permit for the job. Our team is extremely familiar with the process and would be more than happy to answer any questions and guide you through the process.

    Gas Fireplace Installation & Repair Services Newmarket

    We are professionals who take great care in repairs and installation of all gas fireplace in Newmarket. Whether you have moved to another home or are still in your old home and wish to install gas lines or move them, you will discover us fit for doing every one of these assignments in an aexceptionally proficient way. When it comes to installing or hook-ups, testing, repairing or relocating a gas line or appliance, you should not take it on yourself. You need proficient help for different gas services, and this is where we come in. Give us a call and we will show you how wonderful gas fireplace can work for you.

    Quality Furnace Repairs in Newmarket

    Keep your home warm without any leakage & save a lot of money with the proper furnace repair service in Newmarket. We at Aero heating cooling is the leading company and providing the quality Furnace repair in Newmarket. You can rest assured that Aero heating cooling company is on the job and here to help. Your furnace is such a large investment and one of the best ways to protect it is with professional furnace tune ups.


    Newmarket is a city located south of Lake Simcoe and is an urban area of the Region of York, Ontario.  It’s proximity to Toronto to the south and cottage country to the north gives it a unique feel of country meets urban.  a small town friendliness meeting big city amenities and is often cited as one of the best places to live in Canada.  When you travel to Newmarket you will notice the sprawling farms and ranches where horses reside, chicken and other types of farming go on as well as the beautiful Holland marsh and south end of Lake Simcoe are.  Yet, in the city is a multitude of services, shopping health care facilities and a generally vibrant community.

    Newmarket was an important area during the development of highways in the early 1800;s as it was a stopping point between York (Toronto) and Lake Simcoe and formed part of the Carrying Place trail north.  It was primarily founded by Quakers led by Timothy Rogers and became known as the Market North due to its popularity as a farmers market.  It would become known as Newmarket.

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