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Our trusted professionals try to be available 7 days a week for emergencies to assist you with any heating cooling problem that might come up.

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    Hot Water Tank Installation & Replacement Service in York Region & GTA

    Hot Water Heater Repairs & Service of all Brands.

    Hot Water Tank Repair Toronto – When you jump in the shower and you can’t get the water to warm up, it’s probably time to reach out to us to find out what’s new in the world of hot water heaters. These appliances have a finite lifespan and need to be replaced from time to time. Depending on the age of the heater, sometimes repairs can be done that will give more life to the hot water tank. But no one wants to be without hot water, so if a problem arises, you are going to want an experienced technician the same day you called for your hot water repair service.  That’s AERO Heating, Cooling & Appliance Services; and we’ll be there in a flash to make sure your interruption is quickly rectified and the hot water flows as soon as possible.  We repair and replace hot water tanks and systems all around the northwest GTA. Call now and in we can usually have your hot water working again on the same day.

    What is the Optimum Size Water Heater I require?

    Size is dependent on several circumstances:

    • The number of people in the home
    • The length and number of showers or baths taken each day
    • Whether you have a spa bath
    • Whether you use hot water for washing clothes and dishwasher usage

    A water heater that is too large for your home’s usage will waste energy heating water that is not needed, and conversely, a water heater that is too small will continually run out of hot water.  We will examine and understand your families hot water needs based on certain questions and determine the best product for you.  We consider cost effectiveness, while choosing the best performance.

    Our trusted professionals try to be available 7 days a week for emergencies to assist you with any heating cooling problem that might come up.

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    Gas Water Heater Repair Service in York Region & GTA Area

    Hot water repair service is the most common problem we face throughout the year.  We do it a lot and we are fast and reliable.  There is very little we haven’t seen when it comes to hot water tank service.  A/C repair comes close during the hot months of the year.

    Most Common Hot Water Heater Problems:

    • Rusted and leaky water heater
    • Pilot light that has gone out
    • Electrical igniter will not fire
    • Heating coil burns out
    • Failed pressure relief valve
    • Water heater is making odd noises
    • Water heater’s thermostat has either been inadvertently adjusted, failed, or has been damaged.

    Repair, maintenance, installation, replacement as well as servicing of all water appliances makes up our key services in this service area. Any sort of leakage, temperature control, electrical defect etc. needs proper attention, so let Aero Heating Cooling & Appliances service your appliance right away.

    Tankless Water Heater Repair Service York Region & GTA

    Tankless Water Heater Repair Toronto – If you have a Tankless water heater, you know how quickly and efficiently they heat your water supply for hot showers anytime you need it. If you don’t own a tankless heater, they work by heating water on call directly without the need of a storage tank. As you call on hot water for dishes, showers, baths, laundry and so on, cold water makes its way through the pipe and travels through the unit where a gas burner (or electric element) rapidly heats the water. This results in a constant supply of hot water being delivered from the heater. We install and service tankless gas or electric water heaters and keep them working so you will never be out of hot water for long.


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