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    Gas Fireplace Services York Region & GTA

    • Gas Lines Installation
    • Gas Dryer Installation & Repairs
    • Gas Stove Installations & Repairs
    • Gas Bar-B-Que Installation & Repairs
    • Hot Water Tanks
    Gas Fireplace Repair Toronto

    Stress Free Fireplace Repair York Region & GTA

    Working with natural gas (or propane) lines is a potentially dangerous undertaking, but our experienced technicians can repair gas piping according to code.  We offer peace of mind for gas line installation.

    Gas Fireplace Installation & Maintenance York Region & GTA

    Gas Stove Installation Toronto – Natural gas has basically become the least expensive form of delivering energy to the home, much less than electricity in Ontario.  Therefore, the high demand for gas appliances is no surprise, and it’s on the rise.  If you are replacing an older stove with a new gas appliance, Aero is at the ready to safely plan and install the lines needed for your stove and will complete the installation, usually same day.  you can rely on Aero’s licensed gas installation to meet all codes and then some.

    For most homeowners, planning a new gas appliance such as a stove, dryer, fireplace, or bbq often requires gas line to be moved or installed. Aero is trained and knowledgeable in gas line installation and our licensed pros will make your gas appliance ready to work right away.  They’ll install new lines, disconnect and relocate / reinstall lines and gas appliances as you desire.  ​

    Our trusted professionals try to be available 7 days a week for emergencies to assist you with any heating cooling problem that might come up. Book your gas fireplace repair Toronto with our expert today.

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    Gas Fireplace Installation Toronto

    Fireplace Gas Line Replacement York Region & GTA

    Aero Heating Cooling and Appliance Service is a licensed, certified and authorized company capable of doing most types of work involving gas lines. Our technicians have been trained and have years of experience in the areas that need consideration when installing and moving natural gas lines and appliances or fireplaces with great attention to safety and practicality.  Working on gas lines demands skill and attention to detail. That’s what we do.

    When doing any gas line replacement or pipe upgrade, we check the supply line sizing and quality of the materials. Proper pipe sizing is essential gas appliance performance allowing enough gas to encourage best results.  Appliance have minimum input demands in BTUs per hour; our technicians properly calculate and pressure test piping for the proper piping for your home or business.

    Gas Stove Repair Service and Oven Appliance Installation

    By now you know Aero has spent years mastering gas line installation and repair of gas appliances as well as gas line piping requirements for residential gas stove services.  Preventing gas leaks in your home is as easy as ensuring all gas lines and flexible gas connectors are properly installed by a licensed plumbing and gas contractor.  Our expertise includes gas ovens, gas cooktops, gas stoves, rangehood and barbecue products,; we can fix them in speedy fashion due to our huge standby cache of replacement parts for most cooking appliances, we can usually have your repairs done quickly so you can get cooking sooner.

    AERO Heating, Cooling & Appliance Services specializes in the following repairs and installation:

    BBQ Gas line Installation York Region & GTA

    BBQ Gas line Installation Toronto – Bar-B-Que in the great outdoors is one of life’s most enjoyable pastimes; outdoor living is a popular place to be in the summer.  Like the kitchen in a home, the BBQ is where the action is when entertaining or even when just the family is hanging around.  While propane is a popular way to fuel the BBQ, it can become cumbersome when doing a lot of outdoor cooking, especially with a larger grill.  If you are stuck replacing the tank often and just want to turn the gas on without worry, give us a call; we will install the lines and attach the BBQ to an endless supply of gas for worry free cooking.  Be honest, how many times have you run out of propane during cooking.When your BBQ grill is attached to natural gas, the many benefits over propane will become evident. For starters it’s cheaper.  You could realize savings of as much as two thirds the cost of running a propane grill.  Natural gas burns cleaner too, much better for the environment and it has a less dense exhaust which your family and guests will appreciate when out on the deck.  As we mentioned, the convenience of not running out of fuel during the cooking experience.

    Installing a Gas Line to your BBQ

    Not to worry, it’s easier than you think to install a line to your BBQ.  Most of your propane outdoor appliances can be converted; BBQ grills, patio heaters, or fire pits, provide conversion kits and can be run on natural gas.  If you thinking about conversion call us before you purchase your appliance or kit.  Most propane manufacturers carry conversion kits to allow natural gas lines to join most appliances.

    Aero is ready and able to install a gas line for your BBQ grill or other appliance to locations outside around your home or patio. Leave it to the pros, we’ll get it done quickly and safely so you can enjoy firing up the Q.  You will love the freedom of readily available gas.

    Gas Fires Repaired and Serviced.:

    • Gas leak Test
    • Ignition Testing
    • Gas fire Serviced
    • Coals or Radiants cleaned and revamped.

    Why Gas Fireplace Maintenance Is Important

    Take advantage of annual Gas Fireplace Maintenance service by AERO Heating Cooling & Appliances Service and save yourself from serious damage to your equipment down the road. Remember that prevention is always better than the cure. Any issue you may consider trivial can possibly become the cause of a bigger bunch of trouble; so call us at (647)-953-5526 and get your appliance in a perfect working order.

    Catch minor problems before they turn into major ones.  Gas Fireplace Repair, maintenance, installation, replacement; all servicing of all such appliances is our profession.  We take it very seriously and will never leave you stranded without your gas fireplace service.  We will check for CO2, temperature control, fumes, electrical defect etc. and provide the proper attention required so approach Aero Heating Cooling & Appliances Services team immediately knowing you will be in good hands.

    Gas Fireplace Maintenance Toronto

    Gas Dryer Installation and Service

    Many problems can lead to dryer non-performance.  If you are hearing strange noises, or your dryer is going from heating to cold during cycles, or your dryer is simply not heating at all, it’s time to give us a call.  Reasons for not getting gas to the dryer can be due to improper teflon taping or valve malfunction.  Other issues can be be functions such as burner ignition, or flame sensor malfunctions.  Other issues in venting and load problems from malfunctioning washing machines may even be the culprit for your dryer problems

    Don’t worry, we will locate the issue and fix it before you know it.  Our experience is lengthy when it come to gas dryers and we will leave you completely satisfied with our repair service.  If you have just ordered a new dryer, our installation services are fast and affordable, we absolutely guarantee it.


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