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Air Conditioning Service Toronto – If your air conditioner stops working, you could face a sweltering summer. In Toronto, Aero Heating Cooling has skilled Toronto Air Conditioning technicians who are certified in the industry and can handle Air Conditioning Repairs to ensure your comfort during hot days. Our technicians receive training on modern techniques for repairing various popular brands and models of air conditioners. You can also rely on our friendly local techs for routine maintenance or assistance with installing a new AC unit.

What makes Aero Heating Cooling the ideal choice for Air Conditioning Service Toronto?

By choosing Aero Heating Cooling Toronto, you receive dependable guidance from our approachable and certified technicians who are experts in their field. Additionally:
• We provide a transparent, all-inclusive fixed-price quote from the outset that encompasses both parts and labour. Rest assured, there are no concealed charges involved.
• Your equipment will undergo a comprehensive diagnostic and safety assessment.
• A detailed report on the condition of your cooling equipment is provided in the comprehensive Home Care Report.
• We are capable of repairing your problem on the same day regardless of the make and model. We provide service for all types of models.

Common AC Problems

Some common reasons for AC units to break down or malfunction are:
• The air conditioner is continuously running.
• The AC isn’t working.
• There is a lack of cool air circulating.
• Air that is hot flowing out
• Leakage of refrigerant or water
• AC unit emitting uncommon sounds or odors.
• The air conditioning system is becoming covered in ice.
No matter the reason, our skilled technicians will efficiently diagnose it and provide clear explanations so that you understand what steps to take next.

AC Unit Troubleshooting Guide

If your AC is not working, it’s recommended to consult a professional. However, you can follow these simple steps to determine if calling for assistance is necessary:
• Please verify that your thermostat is set to “Cool” mode instead of “Heat.”

• Conduct an investigation to determine if any circuit breakers have been tripped.

• Make sure to regularly clean your air filters.
• Open your air vents.
• Get your air ducts cleaned
• Conduct an investigation to identify water leaks.
• Make sure to remove any debris from your outdoor AC unit.

If the aforementioned solutions do not fix the issue, feel free to contact us for professional assistance. For more detailed instructions on these procedures, refer to Aero Heating Cooling AC Troubleshooting Guide.

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Frequently Asked Inquiries Regarding Air Conditioner Service & Repairs

Q1. What is the cost of air conditioner repairs?

Ans. The cost of repairing an air conditioner is determined by the issue’s nature, the extent of repair needed, and any necessary replacement parts’ prices.

Q2. What could be causing my AC to not cool?

Ans. In the event that your air conditioner fails to deliver cool air when turned on, there could be multiple causes. Potential culprits include a frozen coil, clogged filters, blocked air condenser, compressor malfunctioning or refrigerant leakage. Additionally, it is plausible that your thermostat may be faulty and in need of replacement.

Q3. Which option is better, repairing or replacing my AC unit?

Ans. Indications that your air conditioner might require repair or replacement include unpleasant odors, strange sounds, increased energy expenses, insufficient cooling capacity, and restricted airflow. The primary determining factor in deciding whether to fix or replace your AC unit is its age. Normally with adequate upkeep, an air conditioning system can last around 10 to 15 years.

Q4. At what point should I consider replacing my air conditioner?

Ans. If you consistently uphold proper maintenance, an air conditioner can typically function for a duration of 10-15 years. However, in the event that your current equipment malfunctions and replacement parts are unavailable, there might arise a need to purchase or rent a new unit earlier than expected.

Q5. Is it possible for me to repair my air conditioner on my own?

Ans. We strongly advise engaging the services of a licensed and skilled technician for any necessary repairs, prioritizing safety in all circumstances.

To determine if your air conditioner is functioning properly, just adhere to these three simple instructions:
(i) Once the outdoor temperature exceeds 13 degrees, uncover your AC unit.
(ii) Lower your thermostat by 3 to 5 degrees and activate the air conditioner for a duration of 20 minutes.
(iii) Verify that cool airflow emanates from the vents without any unusual noises such as bangs, squeaks or scrapes originating from the AC system.

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